first time back

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Today was my first time breaking a sweat in over a month.

I mean, I sweat. But usually it is walking to my car in the afternoon because I stupidly parked on the top of the parking deck. Or because I’m slaving over the stove cooking my sweet husband dinner. Or because I decide to wear a sweater in the middle of Summer. I sweat for lots of reasons.

Anyway, today was my first time sweating in over a month due to physical activity. I decided to (against my doctor’s recommendation) go for a run- –doesn’t matter because I barely made it 2 miles, and halfway through my “new” legs gave out on me and I twisted my ankle. COOL. It was one of the most discouraging things I have gone through in a while.

Unfortunately, a neck/back/spinal injury has kept me way out of the game for a while. Being sedentary was supposed to take down some of the inflammation that was causing my severe back pain; I can tell you that being sedentary has done some amazing things, like catch me up on hours worth of Forensic Files and also force me to spot clean the house because I am so sick of watching Forensic Files. Well, I can say that 1. I am still in pain, and 2. I am getting softer (mostly around my middle area). So I’m not sure how much more of this “sitting around” I can take.

Previous to my injury, I was very involved in Crossfit (no cult jokes or judgement, please) and was finally starting to consistently break my PR’s and improve on my lifts. I guess this whole injury thing has really proved the point that you can’t take anything for granted, you really can’t eat everything you want without consequences (ahem), and that you actually WANT to exercise the most when you can’t. I’m hoping to have my MRI scheduled sometime this week so I can find out if I am truly just a big crybaby or if there is something bigger I’ll have to deal with…



Banana pudding… I think



Among giving me bags and boxes full of her old treasures (to help decorate my new home), my boss shared with me that her favorite dessert is banana pudding. Unfortunately, the only person I know that has a recipe for banana pudding is my boss- hence why I was so unnerved to make it. She probably knows exactly how this thing should taste…to the last drop of vanilla extract. Super.
Nonetheless, I needed a gratitude gift to giver her for her generosity. I will say that this “mixture” kind of looked like what you might find in the toilet after a hard night of partying. Hopefully it tastes wayyyy better than that. Bon appètit!
P.s. Sorry for the horrific description above. After reading it a second time, I realized that mentioning bile might not be the most appetizing thing for a recipe post. Oh well!




Blank bookshelf

This is what I started with:



I’m hoping that posting these hideous pictures of my bookshelf will embarrass me to the highest degree and motivate me to finally finish this project. Fingers crossed!

I am incapable of doing anything involving home décor… I can’t visualize the final project and therefore rarely start it. What I am hoping to do with this is paint the back the same color as my walls (although I’ve been advised that painting it another color would make it POP) and organize my so-called “junk” to make it looks stylish. I’ve browsed through some online home blogs and this seems to be the trend I should be following. Unfortunately, having stacks of random belongings piled in no sensible order on a bookshelf for everyone to preview isn’t cool. Who knew?

The first thing I had to do was pick a color scheme for my living room. Up until my wedding, I didn’t even really understand what a color scheme was, let alone why it is important to have one. (I still don’t…) Who cares. So I picked some light aqua greenbluebeautiful and put it on my walls. No, it doesn’t match my hammy-down brown leather sofa or any of the other mismatched furniture I have. But pinching pennies doesn’t leave us room to purchase an entire new living room, so I gotta work with what I have (which isn’t much).
Now, I’m stuck on where to go. Evidently I’m supposed to do some kind of triangle theory and color blocking to make everything look like it was placed there with no thought and call myself an interior decorator all while having cookies in the oven.
The only thing I am absolutely sure of is the lime green portrait of my puppy, Bella. And the only thing anyone who walks into my house is sure of is “why do you have that ugly picture up there?”
I’ll figure it out.

Small affairs

I’ll admit… I am slightly obsessed with these guys:


Ever since I spotted these penguin-coated beauties in college, I knew I had to have them! My dad is allergic to fur, so I was the unfortunate child who considered fish as friends. Don’t feel sorry for me- I’m happier than ever with my fur babies! Plus, I realized (after killing an entire 10 gallon aquarium full of tropical fish) that 1. I don’t really have a green thumb for sea creatures. Or water thumb. Whatever. 2. Fish don’t talk back and 3. I love all animals.


But mostly dogs. Mostly my dogs. I love my dogs. BYE

Hello, is anyone listening?

I can hardly believe that I have joined the mind-numbing trend of what is called “blogging”. Don’t let my overwhelming sense of positivity drive you from reading all about the chaos that I call my life (or, lyfe).

See? I’ve already started with the puns. You know this blog is bound to be interesting! Despite the onslaught of absolutely ridiculous blogs being posted around the world wide web every 5 seconds, I can promise you that I will not pretend to be an expert on anything in particular /cooking, fashion, health/. The only thing I am sure I am decently good at is having an opinion, giving that opinion, and observing people after my opinion is shared. Oh yeah, I kind of think I’m OKAY at writing. We will see.