Arden’s Garden 2 day detox

You might seem skeptical about any kind of “detox”, but let me remind you that I am not a fan of shortcuts nor do I believe that starving oneself will make you healthy.
With that being said…
I just got back from vacation with my husband and definitely treated myself to an assortment of carbohydrates and alcoholic beverages.


To say I felt bloated would be putting things lightly.
I decided to do the Arden’s Garden 2 day detox. Although I’ve done this before, I was still nervous that I might fall victim to my food addictions. I’m happy to say that I’m halfway through day 2 and I’ve consumed nothing outside of the assigned 2 gallons of citrus goodness. I feel so energized!

I’m sure people get mixed results, but I have constantly felt full and energized! The biggest issue (personal issue, of course) are the food cravings. Ugh.
But, the good news is that that’s all they are… Cravings. No matter how full I feel, I’m still thinking about how tasty that bag of chips would be or how bad I want to eat a box full of cookies. A lot of the reason for doing a detox is yes, obviously to get rid of the caffeine, carbs, sugars, ect out of my body… But it’s also to prove to myself that 1. I can do it! And 2. It’s all in my head. I CAN eat healthy! I DON’T have to lie to myself and think that I’m hungry when I literally just ate dinner 7 minutes ago. I DON’T have to acquire a food baby every time I eat! Feeling bloated is uncomfortable but sometimes I tell myself “this is just how you have to feel if you want to eat”. Wrong! You can feel full off of healthy foods, and stop eating after you’re full! Anyway, a lot of my eating habits are mental. I’m either bored or want something to chew. This 2 day detox is the bomb.
The end.


Technology- My Everything

Isn’t it though?

We make plans to go places with our family or friends and the first thing we grab is our phone… Can’t forget that!

This week as I was downloading the latest and greatest OS update for my iPhone, I ended up not backing it up correctly and deleting all of my contacts and personal information on my phone…
My heart literally sank. Like, you would have thought my boyfriend dumped me or something.
I spent 3 hours crouched over my computer frantically trying to fix my horrible mistake (my husband was working late so I was able to do this), and in the process I ended up removing my iCloud from my computer AND my phone: all in all making things much worse than how they started out. So there wasn’t even a way to back up anything on my phone.. I deleted it off of my computer!
I kept telling myself “Take deep breaths.. It will all come back on your phone”, but it never did. I was panicking. Panicking. Over my phone!! And no matter how many times I told myself “This is replaceable. Stop getting so worked up”, I couldn’t help myself. I was genuinely upset about losing the information. I tried hard to force myself to not care.

It is pathetic. It’s pathetic that this story has a so called “happy ending” and that all of my information on my phone is restored and my anxiety levels can go back to normal and that I don’t have to worry about a thing. It’s pathetic.
Long story short, I went to the Apple Store and they couldn’t fix the problem, we called a specialist at the store and they couldn’t fix the problem. I FIXED THE PROBLEM MYSELF. But anyway that’s not the point. The point is that I realized how much reliance I have on this little piece of technology; how much I depend on this little device to guide my life. And when I thought I had “lost it all” I about lost it.

Ive been thinking how it would be good for me to lose my contacts. It would have been good for me to lose the bulky mass of strangers in my phone that I’ve collected over the years, and learn to replace them with the people who I actually speak to and keep in contact with. That would have been good for me.
So this weekend, I’m going to “clean out” my phone and hopefully clean up my outlook that I have on needing my phone. I realize that I don’t truly NEED my phone. I need the comfort of my husband, closest friends, and family. And ultimately I should be completely dependent on the Lord for my satisfaction…. Not my iPhone.

All in all, it was a good lesson… I don’t want it to happen again…
But if it does, I want to make sure that I’m able to easily say “Oh well!!” And move on with life.


What Do You Want?

I’m a dreamer.
I’m a wife.
I’m an employee, friend, lover, excessive thinker.

I have big ideas. They turn into dreams, and they are usually unattainable. Not because they are too difficult to reach but because there are SO MANY.

How do we accomplish all of what we want in life with the little time we are given?

I’m only 24.
I feel like I have my whole life ahead of me, but when I really sit down and think about all that I want to do, it doesn’t seem like enough time. I want to go back to school to become a doctor, I want to excel in my career, have a family while I’m young, travel the world, CHANGE the world… Make a difference!
But when I sat down the other day to list out the realistic goals that I have for myself and my husband, I realized that something has to give.
School will take 5 years. I’ll be 30 years old, and I will want to start a family by then. After school the most realistic thing to do would be start my career, but how could I do that while being a “new mom”? Where does traveling fit into this??
There are so many things to think about at my age, but then again people are constantly telling me how young I am and how I can do whatever I want at this age. I guess I need to start figuring out what is that I truly want to do. I’m so happy that I am able to put my faith and trust in God and not in my fickle hands… He knows what is best for me! I’m so excited to see what life throws my way!


Uncertainty starts HERE

As the year starts coming to a close (ps I am soooo excited about Fall!!), I’ve started digging deep into what it is I want to do with myself for the next couple of years.
Recently I was accepted into graduate school to receive my Masters in Professional Counseling. Although it is my dream to be a therapist, I want to try and apply to a more competitive school. I am currently studying for the GRE and my nerves are starting to set in…What if I don’t score high enough? What if I don’t get accepted? What if I can’t do what I want to truly do? What if I look stupid in the process? What if what if what if…
I’ll admit… I slightly struggle with anxiety. Okay, I struggle a lot … And sometimes my anxiety deters me from doing things I want to do in life, just because there is some risk! so what if I don’t get in! I should be thankful that I have a beautiful home, an amazing husband, and two fun-loving healthy puppies at home!

I know figuring out all that life has to offer is a larger than usual kind of daunting might want to think about it more experience, but I’m learning that it’s okay to make mistakes! It’s okay to fail and it’s okay to learn. It’s okay to be humbled and it’s okay to be successful. I hope that I get to experience all that life has to offer and that neither you or I don’t let anxiety prevent us from living life to the fullest!

If the God who created the sunset below is in control of my life too, then I think I’ll be alright.



Relax relax relax

I apologize for my short-lived absence… I was busy enjoying Labor Day weekend and hoping that the extended vacation time would continue beyond Last Monday!

I was fortunate enough to be able to enjoy the lake again this weekend for my cousin’s bachelorette party. A relaxing night out on the lake isn’t really the first thing that comes to mind when I think of a bachelorette party. But this is :


And although a lake day isn’t necessarily what I did on my bachelorette party, I still had an amazing time avoiding all responsibilities back home and leaving them with my husband. Everyone needs a little girl time!!
I’m so appreciative of the closeness between my cousins… Since I am one of four children and the ONLY girl, I have always gravitated towards the company of my cousins to replace the non-existence of any sisters. Silence was much enjoyed this weekend.



Back to the grind

After enjoying a much needed long weekend away from work it’s back to the office we go.
My husband and I were fortunate enough to get some lake time in yesterday. Man did we enjoy it!!


Little things in life, like getting some sun on my shoulders or watching my dogs play tug of war with a stick, are what make my days so full of joy.
Although I am counting down the days until the next holiday weekend I’m going to try and find a “little thing” in my everyday routine so I don’t get so boggled down.