Mind games

Hey everyone!
I’m trying to mentally prepare for the journey that is Whole30.
My husband and I are excited to be celebrating NYE in Savannah with some of our friends this year! Yes, we will be getting all of our drinking out. We plan on having a “last supper” kind of dinner- probably not the best idea since we should be weaning off our cravings, but Oh Well. Only a couple days left until we start! Any good recipes we must try? I’m nervous!!


New Year, New Resolution

Okay. I don’t know if this is some kind of sick joke I am playing on myself or if this will be serious. BUT I have a new challenge for myself for 2015——— Whole30 Challenge.


I will explain.

So, today was actually my last day working at my job (I have a new one, don’t worry), and during today someone brought up the subject of New Year’s resolutions. WOOF. I decided to listen though, because my husband and I, by December 31st, will have fulfilled our New Year’s resolution for 2014! (SO proud of us).

Since we accomplished a year long task together, I decided that maybe it would be a good idea for me to come up with another resolution for 2015 (at least for myself). Now, I’m not sure if I am super interested in my health lately because I’ve added a small layer of chub to my sides or if it’s because health/science/body/food have always interested me. Whatever the case may be, my co-worker totally caught my attention when she mentioned she was going to do the Whole30 challenge as her resolution. So I did some digging (while also chirping along in the conversation, trying to act as “cool” as possible. Like, OH THIS WON’T BE HARD). > LOL.

What I found slightly shocked me, yet peaked my interest in the most curious of ways. Pretty much it is back to the basics via food for the next 30 days (starting Jan 1st of course, because, DUH, New Year’s healthy resolutions ALWAYS start on Jan 1st!) AKA: Meats, veggies, some fruits, and healthy fats. Okay… So, like, no “treats”? NO. Okay… So, like, no “breads”? NO. Okay… So, like, no dairy? (GOD please say it ain’t so!!) NO. NO SUGAR??? NO!!! (therefore removing about 80% of what is sold in grocery stores, FYI).

This will be a huge challenge for me. Like, SUPER CHALLENGING. Which is why it is so attractive to me! Long story short, my husband has become a bit “softer” as his 5 pack is starting to fade off a bit, and he agreed to do this challenge with me. I’m assuming this means participate with me for the first 3 days, then taper off as the offer of cold beer and guys night comes through his texts. Whatever. This is something I want to accomplish for myself.

But let me make myself clear: This isn’t some diet, weight loss, quick fix for me. I am ALWAYS trying to improve my diet and participate in a healthier lifestyle. I love going to cross fit, but I also love to eat all kinds of foods. We don’t keep sodas or chips or candies in our house. My struggle is I love to bake and I love breads… But for the most part my husband and I do enjoy eating healthy! Limiting myself to only healthy foods for 30 days for this challenge will hopefully help change my dysfunctional relationship I have with foods, and hopefully cut out a lot of the cravings I have for JUNK. What can I say… I love a good pizza. Or a bad one. I LOVE PIZZA HELP ME.

Since this starts January 1st, you better believe I will be participating in New Year’s Eve activities (Drinking)! Because, sadly, alcohol is also not allowed on the Whole30 list of foods to eat.

I need support on this! I can’t wait to start, but then again, I can. I’m anxious to see all the wonderful changes that will happen to my body, mood, skin, weight (do I have my hopes up or what?!) and I’m looking forward to keeping you posted on my journey!!

To find out more about the Whole30 challenge, visit Whole30.com


Playing catch-up


My husband and I had a fabulous time in New York! We were able to see the tree and also revisit the place that he proposed!


Getting engaged on the Brooklyn bridge is a great excuse to go back and spend some quality time in the Big Apple to reminisce. Although we had a blast, I’m secretly happy to be home. (Mostly because I’ve been dying to decorate my house for Christmas)!

Finally, last night we were able to go get our tree and put up some holiday decor. I love the smell of my house – Christmas!!!


It’s small, but it’s ours! Now, if I could just get in the baking mood…
I have a feeling I’ll have several yummy baking posts coming up!

I love NY!

Okay, I really do love my job (for the most part), but this weekend I love it even more because I AM IN NEW YORK!

Our company is running a speaker’s training event for our oncology speakers, and I was chosen to go to “work” at the event. Mostly this means mingling with strangers and eating/drinking in excess on the company’s tab. YES PLEASE.

So tonight my husband is flying in to stay with me, and we have decided to stay until Monday.

I’m so excited to eat some excellent food, pretend I am as smart as the people I’m around, and sleep in a $500 hotel for $0.

I’ll keep you updated on my travels!! Anything I HAVE to see while I am here??