Seriously? Can’t catch up

I’m seriously embarrassed at my lack of dedication and commitment to my Whole30 challenge. However, I’m going to go ahead and give myself a pat on the back for losing 12lbs while participating half-heartedly to this thing.

I also don’t want to discredit myself for the COMPLETE 2 weeks that I put in to eating Whole30, which was then followed by a cocktail cheat night and a piece of pizza. Sue me.

However, since my last post I have also started my role at the Boston Consulting Group, and I love it! All of these fun (Required) happy hours and fancy dinners is what made me struggle with sticking to Whole30. Who can pass up free drinks and fancy food?? NOT ME. So I decided that the best option for me would be to start Whole30 over again after our recruiting period has ended… Within the next couple months. I can’t pass up being wined and dined for nothin’.

It is a happy ending after all!



Sashimi Ahi Tuna Steaks

Hello!! I can’t believe I am already on DAY 4 of Whole30! Is it sad that I’m semi-surprised that I have lasted this long? Maybe. But is it an awesome feeling knowing I have accomplished 4 days? YES. Only 26 left to go!!! (sigh)…

SO my first night of cooking dinner for my husband Whole30 style was great. I think it was so great because this is something we would usually eat for dinner, which made everything seem normal… but really we can’t have sugar, bread, dairy, candy, soda, milkshakes… EVERYTHING MY HEART LOVES.

We meal planned out 3 days (yes, the most I could do) and went to Fresh Market to pick up our “supplies”. I decided I would stick with something simple, fish, because YES they were only 2 for $10! YAY


I am usually not-so-good at cooking fish. But WHATEVER my husband would eat cardboard and tell me it was delicious. I have to be my own worst critic, which is good and bad. Anyway, I popped these babies in the oven at 450 for 6 minutes and they were cooked to perfection!!


I did marinate them for about an hour in the fridge with some lemon juice, rosemary (weird, I know. I was freaked out a little until I tasted the heaven!), some garlic, salt, and pepper.


No, I do not know how much because HELLO I am not a chef. A little bit here and a little bit there and it tasted UH-MAZ-ING.

I added some asparagus and fingerling potatoes (which are allowed) and HERE YA GO IT IS DINNER TIME!!


If only every dinner could be like this one- the Whole30 would be so easy!! The hardest thing for me has been lunch because it is hard to get creative when you have a husband who eats like a horse 24/7. I HAVE TO feed him. Anyone have any good lunch ideas they are willing to share? I have been scouring the internet for quick, delicious meals and to my surprise have found some that are tempting my pallet. Can’t wait to post some more of my favorite Whole30 meals!!

P.S. Please pray for me. I am craving red skittles so hard right now. BYE.