A Little Spring Cleaning…

So over Memorial Day weekend I had a huge “WOW” moment when I glanced inside my closet (glanced, because I can’t walk in because SMALL HOUSE = SMALL CLOSETS) and saw an avalanche of clothes and yet nothing to wear.

Well, this is how you know you might have an issue… When you have over 100+ pieces of clothing but “nothing to wear”. —– That’s when I started reading blogs about capsule wardrobes. More specifically, ONE INFLUENCIAL BLOG.

It was like an angel fell from heaven right to my computer screen! Her name is Caroline and she has the most amazing blog called UnFancy (although she is taking a 6 month hiatus from blogging to spend with her husband and living life in a new city NBD IM JUST IN THIS ALONE HELP NEED MORE HELP). It was here that I realized the problem I have with shopping and not knowing what to wear and always managing to wear the same thing anyway. *Side note, I also did some inside digging and found out that I have a temporary love affair with sales and the instant gratification buying a piece of clothing gives me… BIG DEAL.
I came to the conclusion that my typical uniform tends to be skinny jeans, a loose fitting t-shirt, sandals, and minimal jewelry. HA! Caroline and I seem to have similar styles, which totally made me feel better about myself. Even though my first thought was NOT to go rush to my closet and donate all of my clothes, I did follow her instructions and put all of my clothes and shoes out on my bed and did some hard-to-do thinking in what I need/don’t need/don’t wear/wear. Some of the decisions were easy due to my insane addiction to cookies – my new size thighs didn’t fit into some of the jeans/shorts I had been storing. “I’ll lose some weight and fit into that in 3 weeks..” IT IS GOOD TO HAVE DREAMS, PEOPLE. But also time to face the facts. I will never be a size 00 again.

With that in mind, I was able to clean out about half of my stash. The other half was picked through thoughtfully, although I was able to get rid of most of the spur-of-the-moment-I’m-21-and-proud cheap as hell purchases from Forever 21 (hello, I’m 25 now duh), the others were the “this is trendy today so I will wear it once and regret it forever” purchases, and I was left with about 32 shirts, 7 pants, and 11 shoes …or so (not including my work clothes). Getting dressed in the morning is SO much easier now that I can actually see what I own and know that everything in my closet actually fits my body. I’m still trying to dwindle down to 37 pieces TOTAL (shirts and pants and shoes), but this is my first time around so I’m giving myself a little leeway. I did this mostly to  1.Purge 2. realize that I don’t need clothes to be happy 3. feel good in everything that I wear in my closet. I’m sure there are more reasons but my fingers hurt from typing.

Some of the clothes I removed from my closet I tried to sell, the other 5 bags I donated to goodwill. MAN O MAN did it feel good to purge! This “capsule wardrobe” thing isn’t for everyone, but I do encourage you to check out Caroline’s blog and maybe it will inspire you in more ways than you think! I’m hoping to have all of my capsule wardrobe issues figured out by the time fall comes around and really start investing in statement pieces that will never go out of style and represent who I am as a whole. Less is more, people!



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