Summer delights

I treated myself to a full-priced shirt (gasp!) at Anthropologie this past week, and I think I might be in love. I’m going with the whole “less is more” thing and finally was able to contribute to “quality over quantity” by spending $$$ on said shirt. I figured my husband might be a little shocked at the purchase, but I think he’s come to realize that the random, frivolous spending frenzies are over with (for now) and so I can treat myself to a quality purchase every so often. I’ve taken out so many items from my closet and happy to say I’m going to start building it back up (limited number, of course) during each capsule time with only quality pieces. The realization that Forever 21 is NOT forever hit me hard, and now it is time to invest. I’m not complaining about it….

I’m still on the hunt for a chambray shirt that doesn’t reach my shins and fits like a glove. Madewell had a PERFECT MATCH FOR ME, but sadly it sold out. I tweeted them about it and they aren’t going to get any more in stock, sadly. This means I’m stillĀ on the hunt. Any suggestions about where to find the best chambray shirt?