Timing is funny

So the last week that I posted was July 9th… Which is weird because around that time is the time I became…. pregnant! I am on my 17th week and feeling great!!

Pregnancy is weird though. The first couple weeks I felt like absolute garbage. Like, GARBAGE. You know how your garbage just sits there, sulking in the can, stinking up your house, lounging in your kitchen? That is exactly what I felt like, minus the appetite part. Now is the time that I finally feel like I can consume real food and I don’t feel the need to live off of saltine crackers and drops of water, thanks.

Not only is pregnancy weird, but it is legitimately a miracle. I am carrying a human inside my belly which is the strangest thought and at first I didn’t believe it but now I do and I’m really excited. Pregnant. WOW. Go ahead and call me mom.



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