Taking care of mommy

I realize now, after being a mom for almost THREE months, that you have to take care of yourself first before you can take care of others. By others I mean your children. And your spouse. But mostly your children 😉

You know on airplanes where they go through that shpill about if the plane is going down and about to crash, put on your mask first before you help someone else? Yes, well, same applies with mommyhood. If I don’t get some solid time to myself each day then I’m either a cranky crank pot that night (poor hubs) or a cranky mama the next morning. I love that my husband can come home and get some quality time in with his little girl while mommy escapes off to the gym to get in some “me” time. Although I would probably rather be at the spa getting a massage every day or taking a LONG nap in a big comfy king-size hotel bed (yes I dream about these things), taking care of my body is more important to give me my source of healthy energy. Also, I eat a shit ton of muffins so I gotta make sure I burn calories! 

I love spending every day with my little girl… I’m dreading going back to work soon (a month!!) so now is the time where I am trying to fit in as much time for myself as possible because once work starts back up, it’s going to be really hard to have the energy. 😦

So take care of yourself!